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MAB-TRADE OY — Finnish company with more than 18 years of service experience in Russia.

The company has taken part in reconstruction and construction of various facilities, including a number of facilities for APN, Tass, the central bank of Russia, the terminal «Pulkovo-2», sea wall «Saint-Petersburg — Kronstadt», the oil terminal and other facilities in different cities of Russia.

The main area of work — completing and delivery of engineering equipment and systems for industrial and residential construction.

For the Russian market MAB-TRADE OY company offers:

  • water supply pumps, drainage pumps, pumps for fire suppressing and oil pumping;
  • generators and power supply systems;
  • air condition and ventilation systems for accommodations and industrial premises;
  • water-purification systems;
  • sewage treatment systems;
  • different stop valves;
  • automatic and control gears and systems for different physical mediums.

The company also provides delivery of repair parts for mentioned above facilities. MAB-TRADE members are ready to help You to solve any problems connected with mentioned above facilities and we are glad to answere any questions concerning facilities delivery conditions.

Contact details:

04400 Järvenpää
Puotilantie 4
tel. / fax: +358 40 016 8046
e-mail: mab@pp.inet.fi

Business-ID: 0966531-6

Representation in Russia:

St. Petersburg
tel. +7 921 757-19-23
e-mail: office@mabtrade.ru

MAB-TRADE OY works directly with manufacturers of engineering equipment in various countries of Europe, that allows to sell the equipment at low prices on mid-market and provides a direct guarantee from the manufacturers. The engineering department of the company can choose an optimal variant of the equipment, advise on all technical matters. Besides you can find out more technicall information from the manufactures sites.